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All the Waterfalls: 2022 Edition

Updated: Apr 23

Claim: "You fail to successfully find waterfalls on your hikes." –Chad, #1 Fan

Myth or Fact?

Myth. In fact, in 2022 alone, we successfully found waterfalls on 13 of our hikes.

To prove this isn't fake news, here is a fully-researched and vetted collection of hikes and adventures where we successfully found waterfalls:


A Year in Review: Waterfalls in 2022

Hike #1

A Spring Hike to Hunter Creek Waterfall

Hike #2

Gushing Over Loves Falls

Hike #3

Rushing River and Relief Reservoir Hike

Hike #4

Two Hikes: Eagle Falls & Eagle Lake then Cascade Falls

Hike #5

Hiking in the Rain: Granite Lake & Hidden Lake

Hike #6

Snowy Hike to Relay Peak

Hike #7

Grand Teton National Park: Jenny Lake and Hidden Falls Hike

Hike #8

Wyoming Hike: Lake Louise

Hike #9

Telluride Hike to Bear Creek Falls

Hike #10

Black Bear and Imogene Passes in Colorado

Hike #11

Ouray Perimeter Trail Hike

Hike #12

Hike to Shadow Lake & Ediza Lake


We even found a waterfall in the middle of Death Valley, of all places....

Hike #13

Death Valley in Two Days: Day 2

I hope you enjoyed this recap of waterfalls from 2022. Praying we have a big winter and have lots more waterfalls to discover in 2023!

Myth Busted!

(Moral of the story: Don't believe Chad and Shannon.)


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