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About Me



We hike, we off-road, we camp, we road trip. Anything that gets us going places and seeing things. I enjoy exploring new places and taking lots of photos along the way.

My primary condition for any hike is that we must be hiking to something. I'm not about wandering through the woods and up and over mountains for no reason. The trail had better lead to a waterfall, a lake, a creek, a peak, a field of wildflowers. Something.


What do most hikers think about while on a trail?


I don't know, but on one of my hikes, it occurred to me that most of the time I'm thinking about food. Not only when I should stop and have my snack while on the trail, but also what I can eat after we're done.


Bottom line: We must always bring snacks because I am always hungry.

Thanks for visiting!

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