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Sunset Snowshoe Hike to Chickadee Ridge

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Last night was an off-the-charts sunset. I was disappointed that I didn't get any photos of it, myself. So tonight, we decided to snowshoe hike up to Chickadee Ridge again to see if we might get another incredible sunset. Not super likely to have one two days in a row, but we figured we didn't have anything to lose by taking the short hike up there. So we did.

(Warning. Soapbox.) When we hike up to Chickadee Ridge, we don't usually bring any food for the birds, unless we have guests with us and they want to experience the chickadees. I just think it's generally not a great idea for humans to feed wildlife, and loads of tourists feed the chickadees every weekend, so I usually reserve that for special occasions only.

Today, however, we found leftover birdseed in the snow from other visitors and decided to pick some up to see if we could get their attention.

We did.

I love how the "pink" from the approaching sunset is reflecting on the white snow.

I wouldn't say this sunset was off-the-charts, but it was pretty darn nice.


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Brianna Sheck
Brianna Sheck
05 janv. 2021

It really is a unique and memorable experience with the chickadees!


04 janv. 2021

Wow on the Chickadee Ridge photos! Lucky to be up there with just you and the chickadees! Gorgeous shots of the hike and the sunset!


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