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Friday Solo Hike: Galena Falls

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

An absolutely beautiful Friday in Tahoe. Perfect day for a hike. Hmmm... where shall I go? Up the highway from us is Mt. Rose. I haven't hiked to the little waterfall in a while. I wonder if it still has water? It's not a particularly difficult hike to the waterfall, but if I hike it fast, that can be my challenge. Ha!

Apparently, a few other people had the same idea as I did today. I counted over 50 hikers on my way to the waterfall. With the current social distancing in place, my hike was slowed down substantially as I made time to allow oncoming hikers to pass with ample distance.

When I arrived at the waterfall, I was thrilled that it was still flowing. I also found lots of wildflowers in bloom around it. I climbed over the top of the falls rock face and found a nice sunny spot next to the water to sit and have my snack.

Galena Falls.

Mountain pride wildflowers.

Indian paintbrush and purple lupine.

A very jungly area.

Purple lupine looking on Tamarack Peak in the background.

Mt. Rose.

Galena Falls with Mt. Rose in the background.

A baby cloud over Carson Valley.

Can you see the heart around Tahoe?


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