Snow Valley: Two Lakes for the Price of 12 Miles

Today was an absolutely amazing day to enjoy the outdoors. We hit a 12-miler on the Tahoe Rim Trail -- our longest hike of this season. The skies were clear and blue and beautiful. We ran into some fierce wind in some areas, but especially at the top of our climb. Other than that, it was a perfect day for a perfect Tahoe hike.

Incredible views of Lake Tahoe from TRT.

First peek of Marlette Lake.

Looking back at Lake Tahoe from the TRT.

Marlette Lake with Lake Tahoe behind it.

Looking down the valley at Reno from the TRT! It's so amazing how far you can see from up here.

Sunrays over Lake Tahoe.

2313' elevation gain, topped out at 8875', where we sat for a bit, had a snack, snapped some photos, and took in the unique view of Marlette Lake above Lake Tahoe. We are incredibly blessed to live here.

Peeking at Lake Tahoe.

My husband hiked out with my souvenir.

A couple of parting shots of Lake Tahoe.


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