Her Name Was Lola.

Whew. Between the heat and the smoky air, this hike to Mt. Lola was a tough one today. 11 miles and 2526' total elevation gain. We even saw a leftover patch of snow on our final ascent.

At 9143 ft., Mt. Lola is the highest point in the Sierra Nevada north of I-80 and the highest point in Nevada County. It was named after local Gold Rush celebrity, Lola Montez, and the peak was formed by ancient volcanic mud flows 4 to 12 million years ago and was used as a platform to survey the west by triangulation in 1878.

A nice waterfall surprise.

Approaching the final ascent. Leftover patch of snow on the ridge through the trees on the right.

Keyhole in Lola Knob. Plenty of smoke in the air.

The "entrance" as we approached the Mt. Lola summit.

Smoky, smoky views from Mt. Lola.

Independence Lake in the background. Lola Knob on the right in the foreground.

My husband summiting Lola Knob.

View of Independence Lake from Lola Knob.

Views from Lola Knob.

Looking back at Mt. Lola from Lola Knob.

Me posing on top of Lola Knob.

Dirty feet = good hike.


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