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Barney Lake Hike

Over a weekend of camping and hiking in Hoover Wilderness, a trek up to Barney Lake was on the list. It was a little over 8 miles round trip to a beautiful mountain lake.

But a stop at picturesque Twin Lakes first.

We parked just outside of the RV park and began walking through the campground to find the trail.

Once the woodsy landscape opened up, it was just amazing.

Four miles in, when we arrived at the lake, we basically had the entire place to ourselves, save for a couple of ducks.

Doesn't get much more peaceful than this.

And what would a hike be without nosy ground squirrels?

After spending a little bit of time relaxing, taking in the beauty, and fighting off squirrels, we turned around and headed back down the trail.

Once we returned to the RV campground where we began our hike, we were thrilled the little restaurant was still open, as we were famished. With hiking gear in tow, we found an open booth and happily sat down. When the waitress came over with an initial pour to fill our glasses with water, we told her she might as well just leave the pitcher. She laughed and we knew she understood.

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