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Waterfall Jeeping on a Wintry Spring Day

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

We've been having off and on rain and snow since Thursday. The area definitely could use the moisture, but it kind of hampers our hiking. So today, we decided to do a little Jeeping on forest roads and make a couple of stops at waterfalls. This is usually the best time of year to view waterfalls in the area, because as the summer approaches, they will begin to dry up.

Our first stop was Webber Falls.

Then we continued up the forest road which was surrounded on both sides by a mixture of really tall moss-covered mature trees and little baby trees.

Some of the moss looked neon green.

We dodged a deer and drove through numerous snow drifts along the way. Oh, and the pieces of this downed tree that we had to move off the road.

(I did help!)

And then, we got some amazing views of the Sierra Buttes! Hiking to the fire lookout at the top of the buttes is one of our favorite hikes in the area, but we haven't done it for a few years. I told my husband today that we need to hike it again this year.

We found the perfect spot to stop and have a little lunch. What a spectacular view. And even though it was only 37 degrees out, every so often, the sun would appear and it was glorious.

And we even saw a huge group of pelicans (a pod, a scoop, a squadron) flying high overhead while we ate.

Then we moved on, finished out the forest road, and decided to head over to Frazier Falls. Along the rocks, I just had to take a pic of these cute succulents.

And Frazier Creek was crystal clear and moving nicely!

The falls were awesome today. We've been here when it was a mere trickle.

Pretty nice view, right?

It was a nice little Saturday adventure with some great waterfalls. We look forward to our next opportunity to hike!


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