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Parker Lake Hike and Lundy Canyon with Fall Colors Popping

Another beautiful weekend. Another beautiful hike.

Being that it's now October, we were in search of fall colors. Both of us having grown up in the upper Midwest, we always appreciated the brilliant colors that cloaked the plentiful deciduous trees every autumn season, that is, before the arctic cold blast and snowfall of winter rips the leaves from their branches. The bright yellows and oranges and deep reds were a sight to behold.

Since moving to the mountains out West, however, we noticed that 1) you have to know where to look for fall colors, and 2) it's rare to see any fall colors that aren't the golden yellow aspens. So, that's different for us. But the blazing yellow aspens are pretty in their own right.

Our first stop was at Lundy Canyon, where we saw some golden aspens around the beaver ponds and lining the dirt road. The blue sky was an incredible contrast against the yellow leaves. The area was busy and it was a challenge to find places to park so we could get out and walk around and take some photos. In fact, a few times, my husband just stopped the car and I quickly hopped out while he drove around aimlessly so he wasn't blocking the road.

Fall colors around the beaver ponds at Lundy Canyon.

After leaving Lundy Canyon, we drove to the trailhead for Parker Lake. This was our first time in the famous Ansel Adams Wilderness.

Along the trail, we came across several massive and very healthy trees. Even some of the aspen trees were the biggest I've ever seen.

Most of the trees around Parker Lake are coniferous, but it did have some aspen groves along the shoreline that were starting to change color. The lake was absolutely beautiful.

No records broken on this hike, but it was definitely worthwhile, especially this time of year.


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