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Let's Go Swimming. For Real This Time.

Since yesterday's swimming adventure was a no-go, we decided to give it a go again today. This time, we had to hike about 4 (hot) miles to get there, but it was worth it.

View from the trailhead at Grouse Ridge. I believe that is Round Lake and Milk Lake in the shot.

Just beautiful views up here.

Lupine are everywhere. We saw probably 15 different types of wildflowers on this hike.

I very rarely wear shorts while hiking, but today, it was relatively hot out, so I decided shorts were the proper choice. I've got my beach towel, my Keen sandals, and I'm on a mission to find me a swimming hole.

More fields of lupine.

Finally making it to the top. Over 1200 ft. of elevation gain.

Can you spot me?

Then we find our way to the beautiful Glacier Lake.

Little bit of snow hanging around this summer.

Near Glacier Lake were a few tent campers and other hikers. But we changed into our swimming suits as modestly as we could and eased our way into the frigid water for a dip. It took a bit to get used to it, but man, was it refreshing after 4 miles of hot hiking! Once we got our fill, we stepped back out on dry land and changed back into our hiking clothes. I found a small boulder to sit upon and have my snack. What a fun treat this lake was... especially after yesterday... and no snakes to be found!

Rather than going out and back, we did a loop back to the trailhead via Sand Ridge Trail.

Mountain pride wildflowers.

One of my favorite photos of the day.

And here you can see the Sierra Buttes (one of my favorite hikes) in the distance off to the right.

My fitness watch battery died on this hike at 6.25 miles. I knew it was getting low and I really wanted to finish the hike before it died, so I was booking it on the trail on the way back to the trailhead. But alas, I did not make it in time. It was around 8 miles roundtrip, though. Another exceptional day in the great outdoors -- and not a single snake sighting!

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