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Incline Peak Hike: Another PB (Again)

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Well, Happy July! Wow, is this summer flying by. It seems like we were just hiking in snow and now we're already on the down side of summer. How does this happen?!

And here we are on yet another glorious Friday and another intense race up to Incline Peak. Somehow, I beat last week's time to the top, and the new time to beat is 43 minutes.

I honestly never get tired of this view from here. Even with a smoky haze.

A little wildfire smoke down in the valley today.

Ha! This photo was taken by accident, but I kind of liked it, so I kept it. 😆

Can you spot the tiny patch of snow still hanging on?

I think these might be my new favorite wildflower. I don't recall ever seeing them before and there were only a few of them in this one area along the spur to the summit. Even on all my treks up this same trail the past two years, I've never seen them (or maybe just never noticed them), but I sure did today. I had to look them up, to learn that they are called blue flax. Pretty little petals.


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