Hike to Incline Peak: Another PB

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

It's Friday and imma hike back up to Incline Peak again. 😆 It's early. I'm feeling jazzed and ready to race (against myself!). See if this old lady can beat her personal best time from before she turned 40.

When I raced up here last Friday, it was magically invigorating. I hiked up in 45 minutes, a feat so notable I even got a military fly-by at the top. 😉

But today, I surprisingly beat out last week's time by a smidge. I couldn't believe it.

Lookin' pretty good, Tahoe!

On my way down, I stopped to take a few photos of some of my favorite spots along the trail. We even got a tiny bit of rain last night, so everything felt really fresh.

The creek is still flowing. And the wildflowers are beginning to pop.

Still some evidence on the trail of last night's sprinkle.

One section of the trail is lined with blooming lupines.

So, a pretty good jaunt up the hill today. It will become increasingly more difficult to beat my record times now....


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