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(Almost) New Year's Snowshoe Hike

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Originally, we thought about going out snowshoeing on New Year's Eve, close to midnight, because the full moon had occurred just a few days prior, and it would be perfect for a bright moonlit snowshoe hike, but by 9:30 PM, I was already tired and looking forward to going to bed. So I did. Ha!

So, we didn't get around to making it out again until today. The weather this winter has been mild, which makes it easier to be outside. We saw dozens of skate-skiers, cross-country skiers, fellow snowshoers, and families sledding. We toured around for nearly 4 miles before we got back to our car. It was a great day to be outside, but if you looked across the lake, you could definitely see storm clouds rolling in. Here's hoping because we need snow!


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