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A Couple of Hikes in the Ruby Mountains

Updated: Mar 23

Did you know that Nevada is the most mountainous state in the contiguous United States? It's true! While we normally are exploring areas in and around the Sierra, this weekend we ventured up north to check out the Ruby Mountains. It was our first time exploring this area and we were definitely not disappointed. It was filled with wildflowers, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, and hiking trails. What's not to love?!

We packed up the camper on Friday and headed out for our weekend adventure. It's about a 5-hour drive from Lake Tahoe through the northern Nevada desert to the Rubies. Some of the landscape is drab, but you can find unique beauty in it.

We came across what was left of the grass fire near Imlay and Winnemucca, NV.

Sun setting from the road.

Our little campsite. We will venture into Lamoille Canyon tomorrow.

Entering Lamoille Canyon Road the following morning.

This canyon road is incredibly beautiful. These photos and videos do not do it justice.

Some of the incredible views from Lamoille Canyon Road.

Pretty wildflowers at the end of the canyon road.

On Saturday, our first hike was to Island Lake where we were treated with lots of wildflowers along the trail and a waterfall.

A beautiful waterfall along the trail to Island Lake.

My favorite!

We made the 2-mile hike to Island Lake, 9672'. It was hot out but the lake was absolutely freezing. My husband waded into the water and he said it was so cold his skin was stinging. I decided I didn't need to experience that level of cold for myself.

And we came across swarms of bugs the closer to the lake we got, so we decided to stake out a space for lunch a distance from the lake to avoid them. Despite the bugs, the lake was really pretty.

Looking towards the "island" in the lake.

So many varieties of wildflowers along the trail!

Looking at the Ruby Mountains from the Island Lake trail.

On the Island Lake trail with Lamoille Canyon Road down below.

And we also spotted a sphinx moth!

After we completed this hike, we drove around the area a bit more, specifically Ruby Valley.

We saw some rain clouds in the distance over the Rubies.

What's that I see ahead, blocking the road?

Oh, it's cows. We always seem to run into cows. Those free range cattle just think they can go wherever they please! Moove it or lose it!

Then we saw a faint rainbow over some pretty horses.

The next day, we decided to hike to Lamoille Lake, so we packed up the camper and drove back down Lamoille Canyon Road.

I loved these steps near the beginning of the trail.

This trail had several beautiful encounters with Lamoille Creek.

Looking back... The circle at the end of the road through the canyon is where we began our climb to Lamoille Lake.

Wildflowers along the trail.

Another crossing of Lamoille Creek.

Dollar Lakes along the way. Almost to our destination.

Made it to Lamoille Lake, 9740'. Middle of July and there's still some snow and a bit of ice on one end of the lake. I just love the clear blue water.

In my opinion, the drive to the Ruby Mountains is 100% worth it. We have lots more lakes and trails here to explore and I look forward to our next visit to the beautiful, larger-than-life Rubies.


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